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APMEX Coupon Codes: How to Use Them?

APMEX coupon codes are redeemable for discounts at the APMEX website. The American Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. is a precious metal dealer online. It has numerous clients around the United States of America and is considered one of the fastest growing dealers of precious metals in the USA. It was founded by Scott Thomas in 1999 in Edmond, Oklahoma.

APMEX is an active seller and buyer of numerous precious metals such as coins and bars. Its products include US Mint bullion in silver and gold and the platinum American Eagles. It also carries Royal Canadian Mint items in platinum, silver and gold, and palladium Maple Leafs. It also sells Philharmonics from Austria, and Krugerrands from South Africa.

Buying from APMEX is easy. Collectors, accumulators, brokerage houses, speculators, dealers, banks, and investors are some of the customers of APMEX. There is no limit on the quantity of APMEX products that one can purchase. A customer may choose to purchase only one item or in large quantities. The online ordering is hassle-free, secure, and in real-time. APMEX offers the best prices on gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals. The minimum order per transaction is 50 US dollars. For orders from Canada, the minimum order per transaction is 250 US dollars while customers from Australia and Europe can order from APMEX for a minimum of 1,500 US dollars per transaction.

To purchase precious metals as investments, it is suggested that these precious metals should form 10-20% of one's assets to reduce the investment risks. Posted prices of APMEX products on its website are the prices that a customer will have to pay. It doesn't charge commission fees. However, it does charge the customer for shipping, insurance, and handling. APMEX accepts domestic credit cards, certified check, money order, bank wire, cashier's check, and personal check as forms of payment. APMEX orders are shipped through FedEx, UPS, and registered / insured US Mail. Packages usually arrive within five to 10 business days.

To avail for discounts on a customer's purchase on the APMEX website, he/she can use APMEX coupon codes. These coupon codes are found in different websites in the internet. SavingsHeadquarters is one website where the coupon codes can be found. A customer who wants to save on his/her APMEX purchase can use the search engine in searching for coupon codes of APMEX. These coupon codes can be used upon checkout at the APMEX online ordering system. The website sponsoring the coupon code usually provides a link to the APMEX ordering system so that the customer can place his/her orders. Before completing his/her transaction, he/she can enter the coupon code in the box provided.

In using coupon codes, a customer must be aware of the expiration dates. As with other online stores, APMEX does not honor expired coupon codes therefore to avoid difficulty in making the transaction the customer must check first the expiration date of the coupon code he/she intends to use. Also, typical coupon codes have restrictions on their use. Some coupon codes can't be used with other online store's promotions and offers. Some coupon codes require a minimum purchase before they can be redeemed. A customer can benefit much from APMEX coupon codes if he/she takes note of their restrictions and expiry dates.

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