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Numis Network and ANACS

There are a lot of companies advertising the need to invest in gold and silver. This type of investment is touted as a hedge against inflation and it is suggested that it is safe because neither metal has been worth zero. The problem is that in my lifetime both gold and silver has been worth more and less then they are today. This flotation in value is exactly why companies selling gold and silver as an investment will suggest diversification.

They will suggest that you put a percentage of your investment is bullion coins and the rest in either semi-numismatic or numismatic coins. Numismatic means that the coin has a value above its metal content. The value of a numismatic coin fluctuates depending on the grade of a coin. A grade is assigned to a coin by a coin grading service.

Just about everyone in the coin selling community will agree that there are four top coin grading services in the America today.

1. PCGS or Professional Coin Grading Service, which was established in 1986. This company has a pretty large following with the coin selling community, and is considered one of the best authenticating and grading companies.

2. NGC or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, which was established in 1987. NGC is also given high marks by the coin selling community.

3. ICG or Independent Coin Grading, which was founded in 1998 is the youngest of the big four coin grading companies. They are developing a reliable reputation in the coin selling community. They will also grade and certify ancient coins.

4. ANACS or American Numismatic Association Certification Service, which was established in 1972. This was one of the first companies to provide a service for grading coins when there was no one else that provided that service. In recent years this company has been willing to grade and certify modern issue coins.

Major coin sellers, like Goldline International or Lear Capital are selling coins that have been graded and certified by one of four grading services. There is a very close relationship between coin graders and coin sellers. The coin seller sets his price based on the mint state certification of coin by one of the grading services, and then they will suggest that the particular grader has an outstanding reputation. The grading services of course benefits when a high volume coin seller promotes their good reputation.

This is precisely what Numis Network does. They are distributing coins that are graded and certified to be in the highest mint state condition or MS70. Their coins are graded and certified by ANACS the oldest grading service in the United States. Numis Network is not working with ANACS because they are the oldest, but because they are really the first to begin grading modern issue coins.

There is a significant difference between Numis Network and other major coin sellers, because Numis Network stands behind their coins and the certifications given to each coin by ANACS. There is not another coin seller today that will sell you a coin and then promise to buy it back in five years at the price it was sold for. Contact any of the other coin sellers that advertise on television and radio today and see if they will give you that same guarantee on a semi-numismatic or numismatic coin. It won't happen. Only Numis Network guarantees the value of the coins they are selling.

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Bruce Holmes is a small business consultant. Find out about Numis Network . Read about the Numis Network Promise


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