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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are good hair salons and good restaurants in Guangzhou or Zhuhai? 10 points!?

I'm going to Zhuhai soon and I will be visiting Guangzhou as well, so I need to know what are good inexpensive hair salons and restaurants! I want to try authentic Chinese food with an Asian style not a modern style restaurant. Any tips about anything is welcomed!

Best Answer...


Best place for answers like this is either at the hotel desk or most hotels also have a tourist desk which can help.
But realize in China they have very large extended families and may? recommend a family member or friend even if they are not so good.
So check around and mainly tell them you want one that has English speakers so you can communicate your wants to them.

Local, not large super modern establishments are also very reasonably priced and do a good job but again be sure you are able to speak with them.