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Frequently Asked Questions...

This popular attractive girl, how to make her more interested?

I was out at a bar,
Gorgeous girl, came dancing on me..she was kinda drunk
throughout whole night she was focused on me..
Just kept running back to me. Asked for my number, and kissed me.

Next day I texted her, she remembered me. So she laughs at lot of things I text. Is always willing to text, but not always willing to keep conv going. She hasn't made an effort to start up a conv via text. Should I stop textn her and just wait? Like, it would be cool, to get her to notice me more. I look at her facebook page, and guys are all trying to get her attention. What would make me special?

Best Answer...


Ask her if she wants to go grab some coffee or bfeakfast or even lunch. She seems kinda interested in you if you ask me