British Empire

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Was the British empire good for the world?

I am writing a speech on it, i am saying that it was yet i am trying to find reasons why people would not think it was good. Without the British empire we would not have had the manpower to defeat germany in ww1 let alone ww2. We abolished slavery, we technichalised the world. I am struggling to think of why some people disagree with it. Please help!!! Please give reasons for both sides of the argument. I would like to get as many peoples views as possible.

Best Answer...


I think that the Empire was both a good and a bad thing

The empire bought certain cultural influences that are still in use today. It made us brits feel big and did alot for the moral of the country. It helped worldwide trade.

I think the most lasting damage the British empire left behind was leaving advanced technology (for the time) in the hands of cultures that were and still are a long way behind in tech and social development.

Look at all the wars that have happened in the african nations. Would they be so devastating if they were still using bows, arrows and spears?