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What to Expect at the Border of Russia?

Hi evrbodi, I'm crossing from Belarus into Russian on monday, and I'd basically like to know what going to happen. I have an immigration card from entering Belarus and Belarus visa - but what's going to happen during the crossing of the border? Will I need a Russian visa, before i will pass? If not, will I need an immigration card or similar document for when I leave the country, and where would I get one?
I will be travelling by Train
Thank's to all of you, which contributated i'm grateful!!

Best Answer...


Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not allowed to visit Russia without visa (as I see, you asked question from UK). And you will not be able to obtain it in such short time until Monday.
Technically you are going to cross Russian border illegally.

In general there is no any border between Russia and Belarus. Train doesn't stop, they don't ask anything. Russia and Belarus are using the same migration card, that is why they will not give you new one. You should keep Belorussian card with you.

But. What if in Belarus they decide to check your visa to Russia before letting you enter the train?