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Where can i find a full list of Croix de guerre recipients ?

I have a relative member called Thomas Hagger, he was a sargent in the first world war and saved the lives of hundreds by fixing a water purification system and stopping them from getting life threatening diseases by drinking it. The president of france and the king awarded him the Croix de guerre, but i can never see his name on the internet or any lists that i have seen, any help?

Best Answer...


Is this your Thomas Hagger?


Croix de Guerre


The French Croix de Guerre was instituted on 8 April 1915 by the French Government to recognise acts of bravery in the face of the enemy specifically mentioned in despatches.

Open to soldiers, sailors and airmen of all ranks, and of any Allied army, various types of Croix de Guerre were available: bronze (awarded by the army), silver (awarded by a division), silver-gilt (awarded by a corps), silver star (awarded by a division) and bronze star (awarded by a regiment or brigade).

Further acts of bravery resulted in the award of additional medal insignia worn on the ribbon of the medal; the ribbon being green ribbed with seven red stripes. Recipients of five bronze insignia were automatically entitled to a silver medal.

Recipients of the Legion d'Honneur and Medaille Militaire were automatically eligible to receive the Croix de Guerre. Foreign nationals were similarly eligible to receive the Croix de Guerre, as were individual units.

The medal took the form of a cross surmounted by crossed swords, the centrepiece bearing the head of the French Republic. The reverse of the medal bore one of the following dates: '1914-1915', '1914-1916', '1914-1917' or '1914-1918'.

There is a rather jumbled list of those awarded the Croix de Guerre at this link.


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