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How to clean my Pioneer DEH6900UB car stereo?

Hi there, my car was caught in the flood that happened a month ago in Ohio. I think my dash might run if I can get to clean it, it looks a little bit dirty but I was wondering what tools I should use, solutions to clean or anything of that sort. I'm not convinced I should give up on cleaning a 200 dollar piece of machinery, because I can't afford to buy another right now. I would also like to ask if there is a place online, or somewhere where people would either clean it, or maybe Pioneer would be able to refurbish, or replace parts on it for a not new fee (doubt that wold happen). Any and all answers would be appreciated.

Best Answer...


Just take it apart and be very careful, write down or just remember were everything goes. there is a spray you can buy to clean circuit boads and it works great. I forgot the name of it but im pretty sure there are others like it. heres a site I googled. If not illcheck at work and see what its called and ill get back to you