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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have an American eagle silver but i think it is plated in gold what is it worth?

I have a 2000 silver American eagle plated gold I think. what is it worth.

Best Answer...


2000 is a common date, so it is worth the typical $2 - $5 (what you might pay on eBay, not from a dealer, which will be more) over the current spot price of silver, which right now is just under $33. If you can find someone to pay you more than that because of the gold plating, take it. There are literally only a few cents worth of gold there. A collector of Eagle coins treats these as altered or damaged and doesn't want them, but there are always a few people suckered in by the idea of gold - such as the people who fell for the slick ads when they were originally sold - who might want it.

Dealers won't give you anything for the gold, and will probably pay you less than they would for an Eagle with nothing done to it. For most silver they by, which is not pure and needs to be melted down and purified, dealers pay well below the silver price. Dealers in my area pay $1 over silver price for Eagles, because they are easy to sell for a profit. This won't be as easy, and might be sent in with the other stuff they buy to be melted. You might get $3 - $5 below silver price for it.