Graf Zeppelin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Was the turning point of the European War the Invasion of Normandy?

Just wanted some thoughts on this.

Best Answer...


The Battle of Britain, was the turning point for the entire war.

If Britain had been conquered, the Royal Navy would not have controled the Atlantic, forcing the United States to fully equip a two-ocean navy, weakening their Pacific Fleet considerably, and leaving the US even LESS able to meet the Japanese.

By using British bases, the Luftwaffe would have had the range to protect it's shipping, and ultimately invade Iceland. The Germans would have had the time to build up the Kriegsmarine to the levels the admirals wanted: four Bismarck class battleships, four Graf Zeppelin class carriers, two improved "Bismarck" class battleships, etc.

US aid would not have made it to Russia through either ocean because the US could not have been able to protect shipping with it's seriously divided navy. If the Germans then went into Russia, it would have been with far more resources then they originally used.

By not having a base (Britain) to attack Germany, the Germans might have had time to develop the atomic bomb, and use it with the V2. Certainly their industrial base wouldn't have been touched.

The United States would have had to wait years to be able to build it's forces up to the level where they could launch a two front war, and it would have started a lot closer to the US than before.