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Frequently Asked Questions...

Health effects of occasionally eating red meat?

I haven't eaten red meat for quite a while, and have been mainly eating fish (I love it & get through a lot of it!), and lean poultry. But I have a bit of a hemoglobin/iron problem, and was advised to eat red meat. However, I have read that it increases cancer risk, which is like my worst fear! I always buy organic meat, cook it extra rare, and I roll it in garlic & rosemary (which I read decreases the cancerous chemicals produced by cooking) and cook it on a grill with a spritz of EV olive oil. How often would it be safe to have this sort of small-ish (around 200 grams) rare steak? Once a week? Twice?

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer...


honey, EVERYTHING is a cancer risk. Everything has SOME kind of risk.
That lovely grilled fish is a cancer risk if you ever grill it enough to have charred bits on it.
Fish is also full of mercury.
Chicken can and is full of salmonella.
Fresh veggies can be contaminated with e-coli.
Eat your lean beef now and then.
You can also increase your iron by using an old fashioned cast iron pan to cook your food in.
the iron is the kind we can absorb readily and leeches out of the pan into your food.
Also bran flakes, when eaten along with a glass of orange juice is also a good source of iron.