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Frequently Asked Questions...

So how long until this Robert Louongo to Toronto trade goes through?

I heard that a deal was pretty much a done deal between the Canucks and the Leafs, but it depended on how the NHL lockout went. I don't know the logistics of contracts and things like that but I believe if theres a lower cap then this deal is impossible. Does anyone know? I really could care less where Louongo goes as a Leafs fan, but its just good to see Toronto attempting to make a big splash.

Best Answer...


It depends on what the Canucks want for him. Ten years of an ugly contract will do the Leafs no good unless the return also helps the Leafs. Vancouver will want a back up goalie in return. Lack's 0.900 save percentage in Chicago is not warm and fuzzy. Reimer or Scrivens would be a good back up for Schneider. Some cap relief in the form of Komisarek or Liles might seal the deal.

Cap remains the same for this year. Next year it drops but Leafs have $17MM in expendables coming off at that time. Luongo might be the difference for the next three years. But his choice is Florida. What will their offer look like?