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Frequently Asked Questions...

How long should you wait to say I love you in a high school relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about two months now and we just started saying I love you, but we had also been a thing for about three months before that. My mom asked the other day if we said I love you to eachother and I lied and said no. I just want to know when the right time is usually to say it in high school.

Best Answer...


Well i congratulate you for waiting longer than anyone in my high school. They all wait a week or less. Saying i love you in high school should have the same wait time as relationships out of high school. When you truly feel that way about them, then you say it. And to truly feel that way, it takes a few months (im guessing) So maybe you've waited the proper time since you've had a thing going for about 5 months.