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Frequently Asked Questions...

im a teenager who is interested in stocks and precious metals?

I would like to invest in precious metals and i would like some guidance as to how i could take advantage of it. I work a full time job that pays ok not the best and im trying to see what would be the best to buy right now. I saw precious metals as a good investment but should i buy bars coins etc? its not like i don't have a clue its just im looking for the right path and thank you for the input. Also should i save and buy more or go cheap and buy small amounts till i amassed a gross amount?

Best Answer...


You definitely shouldn't buy actual bars or coins.

The most convenient way for you to get the exposure you want would be to buy a Precious Metals ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). This would be for all intents and purposes akin to a stock, whose price rises and falls depending on the prices of the underlying precious metals that are the components of that ETF. Simply put, if precious metals increase in price, then the price of the ETF should increase too.

If the price of the ETF rises a lot, you can simply sell your holdings to pocket your profits.