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[HD] Fiji Double Taku - 1 oz Gold Gilded Silver Coin - New Zealand Mint

Conductive Epoxy With Silver Has Unique Benefits

Conductive silver epoxy is an electrical Conductive Epoxy that gets its conduction qualities through the use of metal flakes. As opposed to conventional soldering, conductive epoxy functions without heat.

Copper, tin, and gold flakes are used as well as silver flakes, but silver is the most preferable one of any. It's naturally heat tolerant and the most conductive of the other metals.

Among heat tolerance and conductivity, what other advantages are there?

Conductive Epoxy

• Relative flexibility during the different phases of thermal expansion the substrates may possibly experience. Silver epoxy will not break its bond like a conventional solder will when stressed by variances in temperature.

• The curing temperature for conduction epoxy, whether it is silver or every other alloy, is substantially lower compared to conventional lead solder.

• Silver filled epoxy is not just a very good conductor, it has exceptional electrical conductivity as compared to any other alloy.

• When the ideal circumstances present themselves, silver will oxidize much like tin and lead. Where they vary is that silver oxides carry on to stay conductive resulting in much less degradation of the network.

• In the instance of oxidation, the shear strength of the adhesive bond is affected little, if at all.

Just like anything you are able to think of, you'll find disadvantages to silver filled conductive epoxy. What would be the disadvantages?

• Silver is a noble metal; for that reason when silver epoxy is used it must only be used to join two noble metals. (e.g. palladium, silver, platinum, and gold to name a few).

• Cost is a significant deterrent. Silver itself is a precious metal. Being that it can not be very easily used with non noble metals, which are somewhat costly in their own right, each substrates ought to be noble metals, further rising the price of the process.

• Variances within the mixture. Adhesive suppliers provide an exact product for you to mix, but here in lies the rub, you will need to mix it yourself. While the manufactures have taken into account that humans rarely do anything to an exact measure, only so much latitude may be afforded within a chemical reaction.

There are a few other disadvantages, but as high as the desire is for electrically conductive epoxy, manufacturers are conquering these disadvantages by way of extensive research and development.

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