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Old Silver Dollars; The Bright Future Of American Silver Dollars

The American silver has been the symbol of the United States since it began. They are testament to strength that has lasted over two hundred years. The American silver dollar is the cornerstone of many coin collections and collectors everywhere. Not only are they beautiful, have have a very rich historical value.

Being able to be transported has led silver to be the preferred metal for coinage. Gold is too valuable to be in large circulation and copper or brass was too common. There has always been a trade in silver coins throughout history around the world. The silver dollars we know today were originally worth their face value, one United States dollar beginning right after the revolution, in the late 1770s. These were struck from hand engraved dies giving each coin a different look. This variation in design from coin to coin makes them unique and special to collectors.

The price of silver in the early days of America started to rise higher than gold. This led to the melting of old silver dollars to trade for gold coins. The United States mint had to stop striking silver dollars until prices stabilized in 1835. Silver prices calmed and the high price of silver settled to a normal place once again. This led to re-minting of American silver dollars. The first Liberty silver dollar began to be struck around this time.

Christian Gobrecht designed the first seated Liberty silver dollar. This design proved to be so popular with all Americans that it soon appeared on almost all coins of that day. Seated Liberty silver dollars were replaced in 1878 by the Morgan silver dollar. Morgans were struck at such a high number, thanks to the silver strikes in the West, that there was soon a glut of silver and silver dollars, driving their value lower. The owners of the silver mines lobbied Washington to require every banknote in the country to be backed by silver to protect its worth. This led to the huge number of Morgan silver dollars circulating during the mid 1900s.

The value of Morgan silver dollars have kept them the easiest silver dollar to collect. There were so many of these struck in 5 different silver dollar mints across the country that there are many variations of series and dates to collect. Beginning coin collectors will do well to start off with a good grouping of Morgan American silver dollars valued at today's prices.

For collectors today, the Internet has made coin collecting even easier than ever. With the click of a mouse, you can find uncirculated silver dollars, American silver eagle dollars and Eisenhower silver dollar values from many dealers' sites. You can even buy them from another collector for yourself online. It is the best way for a novice or an experienced coin collector to essence their enjoyment and satisfaction of an appreciating investment when done right.

With the rising value of all precious metals around the globe, there has seldom been a better time for investing in American silver dollars.

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Silver Dollars

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