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Frequently Asked Questions...

Buying silver monthly?

I want to start buying silver on a monthly basis but don't want to just start buying whatever I see. Could someone possibly link me to a site telling me the basics or maybe tell me themselves? I'd really appreciate it.

Best Answer...


Silver is a strange beast as investments go. As a metal, it makes no gains and pays no dividends (like all precious metals), however the price is quite volatile and recently has been on the rise. [Though of course, you should be aware that it can fall too]

Personally, I would always advise buying physical silver. I see paper certificates as being worth the value of the paper.

The easiest way to buy silver is to buy government-produced 1 oz coin. That way, when you come to sell - you pay no Capital Gains Tax. (I know for certain that buyers in the UK are officially hit with a 20% VAT surcharge over the price of coins)

In the US - the 1 oz American Silver Eagle (ASE)
In Canada - the 1oz silver Maple
In the UK - the 1 oz silver Britannia
In Australia - the 1 oz silver Kookaburra

I can't say where you are, but I'll guess the US. The best resources I can point you towards are:

Kitco (check out the graphs and videos here to gain a market overview)

and youtube (there are a few rather strange vids out there)

Best of luck with your stack