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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can anyone help me with math word problems?

In the 2008 olympics in Beijing, Russia earned 5 fewer gold medals than bronze. The number of silver medals earned was 35 less than twice the number of bronze medals. Russia earned a total of 72 medals. How many of each kind of medal did Russia earn?

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Best Answer...


Let the number of bronze medals be x
gold medals were 5 fewer than bronze
so gold = x-5
silver medals earned were 35 less than twice the number of bronze medals
so silver = 2x-35

total medals = 72
so x+x-5+2x-35 = 72
so 4x-40=72
so 4x = 72+40
so 4x = 112
so x = 112/4 = 28

number of bronze medals = x = 28
number of gold medals = x - 5 = 23
number of silver medals = 2x- 35 = 21