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Frequently Asked Questions...

Dont know which theme to choose for my daughters 1st birthday?

I'm planning my daughters first birthday party...have no clue what kind of theme to choose.
I was thinking about
Ni Hao Kai Lan
Tinker Bell
Princess and a frog
Do you have any suggestions would really appreciate it
Thx in advance

Best Answer...


I've seen some pretty cute 1st birthday themes. For both of my kids we did a Happy Birthday, Princess _(their name here)_!... had a banner that read that.
I got layered round cakes and had a picture of them wearing a crown as the icing. Used pink, purple and silver solid decor. They were 4 yrs apart but both of them were so girly girl, I ended up using the same theme. I found cups with crowns on them and the birthday hat were crowns.

*I will add, we don't actually ever do character themes. My kids are always the character. lol So if they want a rock star party- pictures and banner and handouts are all stuff relating to them. Same with a dance party or whatever else they choose.