World Gemstones

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palau 2013 5 treasures of the world amethyst in box and coa with real gemstone

victoria farthing 1897 with star and garnet gemstone inlaid

palau 2013 5 treasures of the world amethyst 25g silver coin with real gemstone

palau 2012 5 treasures of the world topaz 25 g silver coin with gemstone

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World Gemstones

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Gemstones From The World!

Guide to buying gemstones

Gemstones and gemstones jewelry has gained immense popularity across the world. You must consider a few factors before buying gemstones to get better value for your money. While buying a colored stone, the most important factor is to consider the
4 Cs
- color, clarity, cut and carat. Gemstones are usually graded and priced based on these 4 qualities.

Buying gemstones based on the 4Cs:

: In olden days, gemstones were classified based on their colors. A genuine gem will have a brilliant color and luster. Hold the gemstone against a white background to get a better idea about its color quality. An original gemstone color may change in different lighting. Gemstones with pure hues and saturated colors are most preferred stones.

It's not necessary that a original stone will be very clear. Gems usually have some inclusions or cracks inside. Some inclusions enhance the value of a gemstone. If there is a star in the sapphire or ruby gemstone, it increases the value of the stone.

The number of the cuts adds to the beauty and brilliance of the stone. The stone should be cut by a skilled craftsman to retain maximum weight of the stone, and so that too much of the natural stone will not be lost. All the facets of the gemstone should reflect light properly.

Gemstones are weighed in carats. More the weight of the finished gem more will be the number of carats, which in turn increases its buying price. Carat actually refers to the weight, not the size of the stone. Gemstones vary in density, so their weight could be same but sizes could be different. The prices of stones are based on weight not size.

Buying gemstones based on Treatments:

The most valuable gemstones will have not many flaws or inclusions. But that depends on whether the stone has been treated to hide its flaws. The price will vary accordingly. Generally, a stone that has had too many treatments to make it look beautiful may not be priced as high as a naturally beautiful stone.

Buying gemstones based on Astrology:

If you are planning to buy a gemstone based on its astrological reference or nakshatra or birthstone, it is not necessary that it will be the most beautiful or the rarest gemstone. An astrologer needs to be consulted for advice on which gemstone will be most suitable to you. It is best to choose the one that appeals to you the most. If you need it for a special purpose, such as success in business or career, for peace or for improving health, then advice from a astrologer or gemologist will be of great help.

Buying gemstones based on Price and Origin:

Before you make the final purchase, you may consider comparing prices from different jewelry stores.

Note that if you are buying a birthstone in that particular month, its price might be higher due to more demand. You can also consider the source or origin of the gemstone. If it is from the place that it is originally known for, then it can be thought of as more valuable.

Buying gemstones based on gemstone fashion trends:

Last but not the least, check what's in fashion currently before you make a choice! Gemstone fashion trends keep changing. But some stones such as sapphire, emerald, ruby and pearl will never go out of fashion. You don't necessarily have to get the biggest gemstone! The best thing to do is, buy a gemstone that suits your personality and taste.

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