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About The Usage Of Elemental Silver For The Medical Industry And How It Effects Silver Element Prices

We have been using silver for thousands of years. Silver was used to prepare jewelry, artistic decorative items, utensils and in medicine in olden days. Silver is used in electronic industry mainly in modern days. Since silver has good conductivity, more and more electrical items are starting to use silver, increasing the demand for silver and skyrocketing silver prices today. Medical industry also has started to use large amount of silver just like electronic industry. All this influences the constant increase in silver price per gram.

Dental fillings are made using amalgams. These amalgams are prepared using powdered silver and mercury. Though gold is also used sometimes, silver is much cheaper and a bit harder than gold. Hence the use of silver amalgams is increasing greatly in dentistry. Silver ions are known to have good germicidal effects. Their toxic nature kills various bacteria and viruses very quickly. Hence they are used in bandages and gels for their antimicrobial property.

Such increased usage of silver in medical field is one cause for high silver prices today. Creams like silver sulfadiazine cream or SSD cream contain silver as main element. This cream was used during world war to prevent infection among warriors. Usage of various silver compounds was very common in ancient medical forms like homeopathy. Even in modern medicine, a thin film of silver is coated on advanced surgical instruments and emergency ward items to prevent bacterial growth.

One good example is the silver coating in the Endo-tracheal breathing tube. Pure silver is necessary for this. The increased silver usage in such core fields increases the silver price per gram indirectly. Mild amount of silver alloys are mixed in many drugs we consume. Patients suffering from bladder problems are subjected to a procedure called catheterization. The catheters used for this procedure will be inserted into the patient's organs to extract the urine into a separate bag.

Studies have proved silver alloy catheters keep the patient safe from many infections which might occur when catheters made of other materials are used. So many such medical equipments have started to consume more and more silver resulting in steady increase of silver price per gram. Silver prices today are very much higher than older times. Just like many other industries, medical field too have influenced this rise indirectly.

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Silver Price Per Gram

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what is the silver price per gram?

what is the silver price per gram? i have some silver spoons and bracelets that i wanna bring in...
price of silver per gram?

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$1.09/gram, if it is .999 (pure) silver. Sterling silverware is predominantly .750 silver and would be worth about $0.82/gram, but it could also be of another purity.

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